Fri 30 September 2016

3 CR Cheats To Help You Win

Clash royale is a fun game that puts you in battle with other players using all the characters from the

Clash of Clans. Destroy your opponent’s towers and you achieve victory with all the spoils that come with it, including chests, trophies, and fallen crowns of the other player. To get ahead, however, can be hard, and you might need all the help you can get. Here are three CR cheats to help you maximize your winnings.

1. You just need to take the middle tower to win

It may be tempting to try and annihilate all your competition’s 3 towers, but the one in the center is the only tower you must destroy to win. Your troops need to to take out the towers on either sides first before moving to the center one. But whatever plan you choose, concentrate your attacks on the central tower as fast as possible.

2. Don’t neglect your defense

As you go about assaulting your competition’s towers, don’t forget to defend yours. If neither player takes the competition’s central tower, whoever destroys more towers will be the winner. Protecting your towers is significant.

This Clash Royale Hack cheat is great because if both players have taken the same number of towers by the end of the game, an additional minute will be added to the clock. But if you put more effort into defending your towers and your competition doesn’t, you’ll most likely win.

3. Keep your deck varied

A solid deck is one that can manage any situation that occurs. Therefore, you’ll need to have a variety of troops prepared to work. Utilize some spells like fireballs and arrows and you’ll be all set. Combine this 3 CR cheats with some free gems and you'll be a winner for sure.

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